• Weihenstephaner Hefe-Weisse 

"From the World's Oldest Brewery founded in Bavaria in 1040 A.D."
Rated 98/100 by beeradvocate.com
5.4% Alcohol

A light and refreshing, yet full-bodied Hefe-Weisse that defines the style.  Weihenstephaner is the Chef's choice for making his annual New Year's Eve tradition - Hefe-Weisse Onion Soup with melted Gruyere.

  • Lindeman's Framboise 

"A Raspberry Dessert Beer fermented with wild Belgian yeast in the small village of Vlezenbeek, Belgium"
Rated 89/100 by beeradvocate.com
2.5-4% Alcohol

​Magnificent aroma, delicate palate of raspberries with undertones of fruity acidity; elegant, sparkling clean taste with inviting raspberry supported by lambic complexity. Deep reddish-purple color with pink head.

*Featured Tavern 1837 Draught Beers... 

A third draught beer rotates frequently in addition to our extensive bottle list.

Visit our rustic tavern 1837

...featuring an antique marble and oak bar with classical European draught selections, including obscure German, Belgian, and British Isles Beers which are deftly paired with authentic Palazzo dishes.

The owners' nostalgia for history and reverence for the Colonial period of the Quail Mansion led to the construction of the Tavern bar. The bar countertop was made from antique marble salvaged from an old school in Pittsburgh. In keeping with the home's history, 200 year-old Oak barn siding was reclaimed and finished to build the body of the bar, providing a warm welcome to Tavern patrons.

The Tavern's Pre-Prohibition era Specialty Drink List constantly evolves with a chef-inspired bartending style—including the use of a Ra Chand French juice press, simple syrups created by the chef, fresh-muddled seasonal ingredients, and a highly skilled bartender who puts on a spectacular show with his elaborate menu and blow torch.

Honorable Wine List Mention: The original Palazzo Ristorante, located in Pittsburgh's downtown theater district, was the honored recipient of the prestigious Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for its comprehensive understanding of global wine regions. 

Palazzo 1837 proudly features a subset of that wine list.


Featured Draughts

Lindeman's Framboise

We're on Untappd!

the area's premier



A sampling of Tavern 1837 Cocktails...

VANILLA AND RYE - Tavern 1837's rendition of an old-fashioned Whiskey Sour from scratch.

Rye Whiskey, splash of Amaretto, fresh-pressed Lemon Juice, simple syrup, farm-fresh frothed egg white, splash of Vanilla, and a Lemon wheel


House Bloody Mary Mix with a shot of the Chef's rendered Veal Stock -- garnished with fresh Celery and Bacon Lardon


Bulleit Frontier Bourbon, Antica Sweet Vermouth, Sicilian Lemon Marmalade, and Seltzer on the rocks with Luxardo Cherry


Maker's Mark Bourbon, Peychaud's Bitters, Sicilian Lemon Marmalade, Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur, and Seltzer on the rocks with an Orange Peel